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We continue to work with leading brands in a number of key industries to produce a wide range of winning events. Whatever your particular needs, we can help make our platform work for you.

Tinder Swipe Night - Press Launch

Swipe night was an exciting idea and bound to draw lots of press, so the virtual event needed to be as lively and engaging as possible. The goal was to build a buzz with journalists, influencers and more, spreading the word as Swipe Night went live.

Along with the live premiere of Swipe Night and a chance for people to try it out themselves, Tinder held a press conference with top executives streaming live from Los Angeles. It was a global event that gave Tinder a chance to reach more people than ever.

To add to the buzz and party feel of the event, Tinder also featured a live DJ set from Berlin.


For the launch of their new product range, Delonghi traditionally hold a live event to engage press and wholesale customers. With 2020’s Covid-19 restrictions Delonghi, instead, took advantage of tech to create a whole new online platform including a slick TV style format.

This allowed them to create a press buzz and show off their newest products, while creating a platform that suited their brand’s tone and style. Fun, informal and entertaining. Think Saturday Kitchen meets QVC.

The slick, high-end production and ease of access to the content made the event a runaway success, with greater engagement than a live event and a strong attendance rate.

Budwiser - Budflix

Every year, Budweiser hold a big budget live event for all their wholesale customers. It is colourful and vibrant and a chance to show off their new product range to big buyers. However, with Covid-19 restrictions, they needed to make this year’s event a virtual one.

The goal was to showcase new products while engaging their customer base. With a full line up of head honchos, experts and clientele, Budweiser created an informal chat show style set up to talk about trends and new developments in their industry. It was cosy, personal and kept people tuning in.

Despite not holding their usual big budget event, Budweiser were able to reach more people than ever. In difficult times they created a slick and entertaining experience that informed and engaged their customers.


Roche created a campaign providing support for sufferers of rare pulmonary diseases called Fight IPF. This year they wanted to engage with their patient community around Covid-19, offering support and updates on the status of the virus from noted healthcare professionals in France.

We were tasked with running a series of hour long livestream sessions with three speakers and a moderator using Conference+ with no pre-recorded materials and all conducted in French.

The event turned out to be really effective and the audience of IPF sufferers were both highly engaged and appreciative of the service Roche provided. Since the initial session, Roche have continued to hold further events and have now created a series of similar sessions.


OPPO Germany came to us to help plan a big event to launch the brand and promote their latest gadgets. With the onset of drastic travel restrictions, they needed a new plan to host their first press conference in Germany.

Thankfully, using Conference+ we enabled them to hold a live online press conference for 300 handpicked journalists, spreading the word about the new kid in town.

The event went well with a turnout of almost 50% thanks to a newsletter invite campaign. Lots of top journalists turned up and engaged with the press conference and Q&A helping to put OPPO on the smartphone map in Germany.

In a new market, and in a challenging time, OPPO showed press they are tech savvy, smart and ready to take on the world.

Chatham house

Chatham House hold regular events throughout the year, bringing the top minds together to solve some of the worlds big problems, like war, famine and climate change. These are big events that require a big stage, however, for the people chairing the discussions, keeping information secure is highly important.

The events have been well attended and above all – secure. Conference+ has allowed important discussions to continue while providing a well organised structure for people to put forward ideas and securely share materials.

By holding regular events, almost weekly, Chatham house were able to create a virtual hub for their experts and advisors to access and continue to move ahead with their agenda.


Au-delà de l’événement physique

In the digital realm of C+ we can do things that just aren’t possible in a physical event space. Adding layers of interaction between your business, your speakers and your audience, creating a more participatory environment with richer opportunities to communicate your key messages.

La meilleure façon de tenir votre prochaine visioconférence

Vous souhaitez discuter de la manière dont votre événement pourrait être transposé dans l’univers du numérique ? L'équipe C+ est là pour vous expliquer comment tout cela fonctionne, ou pour vous proposer une démonstration des outils en action.