The best way to host your next conference

Conference+ is a set of digital streaming and production services that allow businesses large and small to deliver dynamic live-streamed video events.


why choose conference+

Broadcast high-quality live event video

From large scale conferences and announcements, through to media briefings and workshops

One platform

A single cloud-based tool that allows you to create and produce a branded video event stream and deliver it to audiences on desktop and mobile.

Branded experience

Create a custom branded experience for your event. Define all aspects of the video appearance itself with logos, video cards, speaker popups and animated intros.

Fully managed service

The C+ team can help you get your whole event set up. Beyond getting the tech in place, C+ can help with the content and graphics and help you produce the stream on the day.

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Broadcast your event

Engaging your audience

C+ allows you to broadcast high-quality live event video. Just like a mini-TV studio, the platform lets you curate your live event stream with “in the moment” technology that allows you to dynamically cue in multiple speakers, switch to pre-recorded video or presentations and coordinate panel discussions or Q&A's.



Beyond the physical event

In the digital realm of C+ we can do things that just aren’t possible in a physical event space. Adding layers of interaction between your business, your speakers and your audience, creating a more participatory environment with richer opportunities to communicate your key messages.

Secure or open access

Configure your event the way you need it. Broadcast to a controlled audience in your own password-protected secure environment or simulcast your stream to social channels like Facebook, YouTube, Teams and more.

Live audience chat

Allows your audience to speak amongst themselves whilst watching the big event, or even allows direct chat with the speakers and organisers to pose questions.

Audience polls

Polls allow you to canvas your audience on certain topics on the fly. Results can then be shared in your live video stream, creating a real connection between the audience and the live event stream.


The C+ platform is completely flexible to your needs, not only can you brand the entire experience to create a proprietary space, but you can also toggle on or off any feature you need on a per event basis.


Event streams are automatically archived, allowing viewers to watch the event following the initial live stream

The video is archived with unlimited storage, allowing people to ‘timeshift’ their viewing to a time of their choosing.


The C+ platform is completely flexible, allowing you to customise your event according to the needs of your attendees. You are able to toggle on, or off, any of our features on a per event basis, even switching between features during a live event. Take a look at the videos below for more information on all of the features offered by C+.

We've got you covered

Full event management - before, during & after

Running an online conference is more than just getting the streaming tech in place. The Conference+ service has been developed to help you build your event and get the most out of the whole event lifecycle.

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The best way to host your next conference

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